More varieties.Better quality. More possibilities.

Why Choose Qing Yun Succulents

Large scale

We are one of the largest professional company in China that focuses on succulent plants,with a total planting area of 100,000 square meters and an annual production of 10 million pieces of succulent plants.

Rich varieties

We always insist on providing customers with high-quality succulent plants.At present,there are more than 1000 varieties on sale,including Echeveria,Crassula,lithops,Conophytum and Haworthia.

Complete qualifications

We has the export qualification issued by the government,and is one of the few enterprises in China that can provide the phytosanitary certificate for legal export.

Price and Service

Based on large-scale production and experienced teams,we can supply high-quality succulent plants with attractive prices and professional services.Since 2018,we have exported succulent plants to over 30 countries around the world.

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