Cotyledon orbiculata cv.Var.


It’s normal for succulents to be slightly different in color or size than they appear in photos, due to the differences of season, climate, temperature, and light
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Cotyledon orbiculata cv. It is a succulent plant of the family Sedumaceae, which is a horticultural variety of Cotyledon orbiculata. Like most of the genus, Bing Pong Fu Niang is an erect succulent shrub with opposite, oblate-ovate to round-ovate leaves, often with a red line between the leaves.
Soldier Fu Niang, the leaves are green to gray, covered with white powder, and the top edge of the leaves is easy to redden, which is very girly. It blooms in early summer, and a long peduncle is produced, and several small flowers are born at the top of the peduncle, which resembles a hanging chandelier, and is orange.

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